About Liz Morton

Paint… Paint… Paint… Oh how I love to paint! I love color and that irrational moment when I make the first mark.

Just like planting a garden, I create out of optimism for the future. My mixed media work combines acrylic, ink, and mark making in layers that reward viewers with organic imaginings and transparent views rare in paintings. Dr. Maia Nuku, curator of Oceanic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art (2022) was impressed with my work calling it “genius” presenting “cosmological feel” and noting “the movement of color from transparent to opaque appears as stretched organic matter with veins and pattern”.

My recent Sea Life paintings are bold narratives that capture the bounty of garden and the sea in watercolor and acrylic. In a recent competition well known seascape artist, Christine Provard (2022) was impressed as she found my paintings “to be quite unique, felt like I was taking a journey in the sea, mystical. I loved the balance and use of colors and the artist’s technique was clean and well executed.”

Additionally, internationally known oil painter Tricia Cherrington Ratliff (2015) stated: “Liz demonstrates a highly developed sense of color, composition, and illuminates’ qualities that can keep you engaged for hours”.