Collage is personal to me; with the exception of some accent papers, a few collectables, and the working surface itself, the items in my collages are from personal sources. Sources include graduate school papers, hand written notes, drawings, doodles, etchings, lithographs, paintings, letters, and much more. You see I save art in a BIG bin and every year I go through the contents and purge. In the purge I rip and tear at random and place the pieces in boxes. I do keep historical samples but I find these “bits” of my art and life are a wonderful treasure. While my primary work is mixed media painting, my collages are “assemblages” of these “bits” capturing feelings and reminiscences that are colorful fodder for creation!

“Dear Liz” (Inspiration Series) in the Falls Church Arts “All to Pieces” Exhibition is very special to me. The piece of the letter that is seen in the piece is from my best friend of almost forty years. We studied together and have exchanged letters as art for almost the same amount of time. There are also bits of etchings from my school days, pieces of a hand painted, hand built Tyvek kite, bits of a commission piece that was never paid, photographs I took years ago, notes from graduate school, drawings, doodles, and my hand prints within the painting medium.  Other collage work includes as seen here: “Pieces of Me” 30”x24” (also from the Inspiration Series) lampshades, and cabinet doors.